LA LA LA storry

You come into this world, so tiny and curious. Those round cheeks hold immeasurable consciousness. You can already sense all the world’s wonders; you are just patiently waiting to be introduced.

Each day brings a new discovery. You learn how to catch the rainbow by its tail and to wrestle with a dandelion seed that’s trying to escape in the wind. You start to recognize the meaning of the very first dos and don’ts, and that a kind word goes a long way. 

Childhood is such a mish-mash! It’s the sticky thumbs and a messed up flower bed. It’s when the bowl of soup is finished, the belly is full, and mum—happy. It’s a cup of lemonade with a floating sugar cube in it, or the straw that stubbornly keeps rising up and falling out. Uh, those things can make the little human go crazy! There are plenty of good days, and then there are days you wish to let go. It’s really a hodgepodge—a bit of everything. And somewhere in the middle of it all is how you learn about the world.